June 2024

Saquib Ahmad is a consultant psychotherapist accredited in CBT and EMDR. He specialises in working with complex trauma, GSRD therapy, working with refugee and asylum seeker populations and working with ethnic and religious minorities. He has much experience of working in the National health service in the UK and was a senior clinician in the Grenfell Wellbeing Service in London following the London fire of 2017.

Photo of visiting tutor Saquib Ahmad

He has presented his work and research at various international conferences in the field of CBT and EMDR. He is passionate about helping Queer people of diverse backgrounds overcome identity conflicts and find a place for themselves in themselves and in society. With this area of expertise he contributed to a Pink Therapy publication with his chapter on "Exploring the impact of religious background or identity on LGBTQ people".

He is also a Queer activist and started a movement in the UK called Fighting Fear which is an online community for Queer people by Queer people, which provides services based on a bio-psycho-social model collaborating with NGOs globally and like minded organisations and individuals. He also sits on the board as Vice President of his Queer NGO, Fighting Fear Community in Belgium.