April 2024

A high impact intensive 6-day training, blending self-directed distance learning with live and participatory skills training, designed for professionals seeking to expand their psychosexual and relationship counselling skills. It is particularly intended for counsellors and psychotherapists to deepen their understanding of the co-morbidity of organic and non-organic presentations. The programme is open equally to qualified social workers and clergy.

Couples’ therapists may particularly benefit from the programme to enhance their specialised knowledge base.

The programme:

  • Offers an understanding of psychosexual issues related to anatomy and physiology, mental health issues, psychopharmacology, culture, diversity, neuroscience in relation to gender and sexual orientation, organic and non-organic sexual dysfunctions, and relational aspects.
  • Prepares established professionals in applying a multidisciplinary approach to the knowledge and understanding of sexual function, identity, cultural norms and expression and working colaboratively.
  • Explores ways of effectively collaborating with medical professionals to coordinate and identify strategies, undertake assessments, become familiar with protocols, and to allow for onward referral as appropriate.
  • Course participants will be provided with an extensive course manual comprising preparatory material, journal articles, power point presentations and resource guides. The in-class teaching seminars offer opportunities for skills practice, case studies and live supervision.
  • The 6 day course offers participants the opportunity to either, upon completion of the course, to achieve a Certificate of Attendance or if they choose to submit a 3500 word research project the full PG Certificate in Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy award.
  • The Postgraduate Certificate in PRT awarded by the London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy and the NAOS Institute is accredited by the National Society for Counselling and Psychotherapy and COSRT, the College for Sexual and Relationship Therapists.

2025 Course Fees: £1400.00
Payable in 2 instalments, one upon acceptance into the programme, £695.00, and the second before the first day of the course.

Please submit your application via the NAOS website.

The course is a collaboration between the London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy and the Naos-Institute (www.naos-institute.com)

For additional details see NAOS Institute website
If you have further questions please email:

or call
Bernd Leygraf on +44 (0) 7414 681553