July 2024

Anthony is an Integrative therapist specialising for almost 25 years in grief, loss and trauma with the past 15 of those focused on the impact that fertility issues have on our ‘self’ and relationships. He is intuitive and brings creativity to his work, along with deep compassion, empathy and understanding. Anthony works with a number of Fertility clinics in the UK, supporting patients as well as informing / training the clinic and its staff. In addition Anthony works closely with consultants, andrologists and urologists and runs a private practice where he works with people experiencing fertility issues, healing from pregnancy or baby loss or having fertility treatment in the UK and across the world.

He is an Accredited member of the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) for whom he writes for the Journal and is Regional Coordinator for the London Forum of Fertility counsellors. He is a Senior Accredited member of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS) and sits on an Ethics board, Advisory board and provides Mentoring and Peer support. He has given talks, written books and articles and appeared in webinars and podcasts discussing and speaking about the impact of fertility issues and campaigns for increased awareness and better support.

Outside of therapy and work you can find Anthony out in nature, walking or in a patisserie where he is too easily drawn to sweet treats! He believes in the importance of downtime for everyone and especially those in caring, supporting and giving roles.

"Therapeutic work can be intense and lonely and learning to take breaks, laugh and nourish ourselves are key ingredients alongside asking for help in order to ensure we remain emotionally, physically and spiritually balanced and can continue delivering the best of ourselves to all those who seek our service”"

Photo of visiting tutor Anthony Ryb