June 2024

Kris' therapy work is delivered via the lens of US and UK Intersectional feminist perspectives, draws on Queer Theory, Black Issues Theory Systemic & Intercultural Theory and a common-sense integration of Trauma Theory (to name some of the influences).

Photo of visiting tutor Kris Black

Kris Black LLB (Hons), BACP, UKCP registered Integrative Arts Psychotherapist, integrative child and adolescent counsellor, CSTD trained supervisor, independent therapeutic trainer, group worker and activist. Kris is a Black Issues Masterclass Graduate. As the Founder of Radical* Dialogues Kris has a large and diverse private practice within London’s QTIBPOC** and LGTQIA+ communities with clients and supervisees from diverse economic, cultural, class and social backgrounds. Kris has worked therapeutically and politically for over 40 years with traumatised adults, adolescents and children from racialised and working-class communities within the education, charity and community sectors.

Kris served on the Leadership Team of the Black African and Asian Therapists Network for several years, and is a co editor of the soon to be published (May 18th 2023) book Therapy In Colour by JKP press their co editors include Dr Isha Mackenzie Mavinga, Karen Carberry, Eugene Elllis.

Kris is a queer, non-binary, trans Identified, mixed racial heritage person of color,who uses they pronouns - to name some of their most obvious social locations / intersections. Kris also has experience of co parenting, is invisibly disabled and is exploring elderhood.

*rad•i•cal | \ ˈra-di-kəl
meaning of going to the root or origin; fundamental:thoroughgoing or extreme, especially as regards change from accepted or
traditional forms, favouring drastic political, economic, or social reforms

**Queer, Trans, Intersex Black and People of Color