December 2023

Welcome to the London Diploma in Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy

Welcome to the London Diploma in Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy. We are the “leading training provider in psychosexual and relationship therapy” (External Examiner 2022) having provided a solid , pioneering training programme now for over three decades, and having graduated over a thousand therapists.

We are internationally recognised and our faculty and students represent over 40 cultural identities. Our graduates are found throughout the UK, in Europe, the Middle-East, South East Asia and Africa and tend to lead psychosexual services, have published widely or are, in turn, training psychosexual therapists. All serve their respective communities.

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    The LDPRT is a two-year part time, modular training programme underpinned by an integrative model, reflecting ongoing developments and research in contemporary lifestyles, sexualities and relationships...

  • The Class of 2023

    The LDPRT is approved by and leads to accreditation with the College for Sexual & Relationship Therapy, Middlesex University, the National Council for Integrative Psychotherapists and the National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society. It provides a potential pathway into the Accredited Register of the Professional Standards Authority (PSA). Above: the class of 2023.

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    The London Diploma (UK) may be taken as an in-class, face to face teaching programme (usually commencing in January) or as a Zoom-only version (usually commencing in June) for students unable to travel to London.

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    Our over a thousand graduates include students from Israel, Lebanon, the Caribbean, Malta, Monaco, India, Pakistan, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Greece, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Sweden, Iran, Egypt, Gibraltar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Brazil, Mexico, the Channel Islands, Croatia, Kenya, Nigeria, Germany & Ireland.

  • Middle East and Asia Course Students

    We also offer 'LDPRT in the Middle East' - a culturally sensitive course for students based in the Middle East, particularly Egypt and Saudi, as well as in SE Asia. The full LDPRT faculty is available to this course and it also includes additional dedicated faculty. The course replicates the London LDPRT and is delivered entirely on Zoom. Above: the class of 2021.

  • Hands - Young Adults

    The LDPRT offers you dedicated specialist training which comprehensively attends to organic and non organic psychosexual presentations in both individuals and couples.

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    The LDPRT represents comprehensive psychosexual & relationship training which has been described as ‘World class’ & as ‘the gold standard’ in the field. A great many graduates now maintain thriving practices.

  • A Couple: Elderly Hands

    Different perspectives to couples therapy are taught, addressing the dilemma between conflict and intimacy. Ours is a widely accredited long-established course which Middlesex University has awarded 120 credits (Level 7) which may, via APEL, be weighted at other universities for on-going studies.

2025 Applications


We are accepting applications for our annual two courses commencing January 2025 in-room and September 2025 via Zoom.
Interviews for the 2025 in room course are scheduled from March 2024 those for the Zoom course from June 2024. Please note that our courses tend to be popular so early applications are strongly advised.
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CPD & Masters' APEL

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The course is accredited by several leading professional bodies: COSRT; Middlesex University: NCIP; NCPS; and the EAC.
Masters Degrees: awarded 120 credits at Level 7 by Middlesex University, weighting via the Accreditation of Prior Educational Learning (APEL) process offers flexibility in your choice of where to take a Masters Degree, should you wish to do so.
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Alumni & Testimonials

Photographs of LDPRT Alumni

To date, over 900 students have graduated, a large proportion of whom maintain thriving practices, both in the UK & overseas. Most graduates are accredited members of COSRT &/or BACP & some have UKCP registration. Many have gained positions within COSRT & the other accrediting bodies. Several have been kind enough to share their stories...

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Our Approach & Accreditation

The LDPRT is underpinned by an integrative model, reflecting ongoing developments and research in contemporary lifestyles, sexualities and relationships.

Our two-year part time, modular training programme is approved by and leads to accreditation with the College for Sexual & Relationship Therapy, Middlesex University, the National Council for Integrative Psychotherapists and the National Counselling Society and provides a potential pathway into the Accredited Register of the Professional Standards Authority (PSA). Graduates may apply for registration or accreditation with these bodies having completed the London Diploma.

As of February 2023, the LDPRT is delighted to announce that is has been re accredited with COSRT for another 5 years.
The assessor, who described the LDPRT as "prestigious training which continues to attract global students", commented in her report:

This is a long established and well-run course with a very experienced faculty. The care and commitment shown by the staff is impressive as is the ongoing development by the directors who work hard to increase the scope of their training.

And also that:

Students appreciated the richness and diversity of the group and the way that the course leaders emphasised that whatever their backgrounds and/or prior experience there was a level playing field on the training.

COSRT state that 'Courses given accreditation from 2023 onwards are given a COSRT ‘level’. This is assigned by COSRT and indicates, based on information provided by course providers, the progression in terms of knowledge, skills and understanding achieved by graduates. As levels advance from 5 to 7, courses are expected to equip students with increasingly advanced knowledge and the ability to apply that in a sophisticated way in professional contexts.'

2023 onwards, preparing the future

Having been independently assessed as the "leading training provider" in the field and having supported a wide range of expressions of human sexuality over 3 decades now, we continue to challenge a "one size fits all" approach to working with relationships, and welcome all student population groups - worldwide - into our programme. Our faculty couldn't be more diverse and are only matched by our student body representing to date 40 different cultural identities. We challenge the divide between 'mainstream' and erotically marginalised population groups and aim to serve all and hence subscribe to an expansive view of GSRD.

From 2023 onwards we have added a range of visiting tutors to our faculty each bringing their own expertise to our curriculum; these are available mid week via remote-access outside of our usual teaching times.


In his Humans Being podcast, Rabbi Joseph Dweck speaks to thinkers, innovators and creators from across society about the meaning and value of what they do. In the edition released June 24th 2021, psychotherapist Judi Keshet-Orr joins him to discuss the difference between mental health and mental illness, how our relationship to sex affects our lives, and how transgenerational issues can impact us in the present day.

'In The Footsteps of the Fathers'

Book cover image

Co-authored by Course Director Judi Keshet-Orr

In the Footsteps of the Fathers: Psychosexual therapy with the Orthodox Jewish community - an overview from the therapist's chair...

"Judi Keshet-Orr is a renowned teacher and trainer of psychosexual therapy and has probably trained more psychosexual therapists from the U.K. and worldwide than anybody else in Britain. This book is for all therapists....... I found it a fascinating read.."

  - Margaret Ramage Fellow UKCP and COSRT

"....a book written with sensitivity....a long overdue book....we hope this book will become a textbook to which every psychosexual therapist will have easy access"

  - Rabbi Joel and Ruthie Portnoy Israel

"It is a truth increasingly (if not universally) acknowledged, that therapists need to take account of the historical, cultural, religious and contemporary worlds of their clients. Judi Keshet-Orr draws on her academic research and vast experience as a therapist and trainer to provide clear descriptions of Orthodox beliefs and practices. Especially illuminating are the sections on Orthodox law, including teachings on sex, morals and ethics."

  - Reviewed in Therapy Today 2019 by Roz D’Ombraine Hewitt, psychosexual therapist

"This is a sensitive, compassionate, and perceptively written book by two experienced psychosexual therapists and trainers, Judi Keshet Orr and Sarah Collings…………its clear language and accessibility mean it would be of relevance to anyone who has an interest in the field of sexuality and relationships."

  - COSRT Newsletter June 2020